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Hei alle sammen!


As you would expect due to Coronavirus situation, our face-to-face events on our 2021-22 programme are unfortunately either cancelled or postponed.  


However, we have worked hard to arrange a programme for the 2021-2022 season.  Click here to see what we've managed to arrange for the new season.  We have some excellent talks with these talks online using Zoom.  


Zoom allows us to much more... instead of venturing out on a dark cold winter evening, you can sit back in comfort and take part!  It also means that friends and family who live in other partsof the world, can also join with you and enjoy the talks.

Once we are free of Covid or at least the restriction of meeting face-to-face, we plan to continue to use Zoom for those members who are either too remote to join or are unable to join for whatever reason!


During our 2020-2021 season we did hold the annual Oddveig Rosegg lecture in February this year.  This was accomplished, at that time, by using the new kid on the block - Zoom.  Tim Clarkson who gave a lecture 3 years ago about the Strathclyde Vikings, presented his latest research on Aethelflead - the daughter of Alfred the Great.  Read more about this in the Past Events... Aethelflead and the Vikings.


As you may read under the "Next Meeting" we have had to postpone the talk about the Royal Navy Sorøya rescue and the Neilston Camp, due to illness. We will be rescheduling this talk.  Please keep checking this website and Facebook for any further developments.  


Stay safe and take care...





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